On Fire on Inferno - by Waldo

Oct 31, 2019

Witch Doctor CSGO's second game under the WD banner and 14th league game overall was played on de_inferno. WD lost the knife round and started on T side. The boys won pistol round thanks in part to some disjointed play by Gone Fishin in the post plant 2v2 that allowed Gatorz to clutch a 1v2. WD claimed the subsequent anti-eco with ease, but conceded the first gun round due to some early AUG frags by the CTs from arch. The CTs were able to string a few rounds together to put the boys down 4-2. A chaotic execute onto the A site got the team back on track, sparking two successful A takes in a row to bring things level at 4. Gone Fishin was successful on their retake on B the following round, but WD started winning the key duels and some solid post plants, bringing their tally on the T side to 7 before the CT side closed the half strong. The score was 8-7 Gone Fishin at the half.

But WD rattled off three in a row off the back of their second pistol round win of the game, then converting the first rifle round as well to bring the score to 11-7 in favor of Witch Doctor. The following round was a clean A hold, propelling the scoreline to 13-8 after the following round went their way as well. The score made it to 14-9, seeing WD break the T economy by running out the clock and getting a kill after time in the 23rd round. It took a save round or two after a surprise AWP buy caught the team off guard early in the round, but WD snagged match point off off a well executed team retake on B, bringing the score to 15-12. The boys were ready to call it a night, as they claimed the first match point, ending the game at 16-12. This result brings their league record to 8-6 and extends their win streak to three games! BEPOH and DaSushiMan led the way with 20 frags a piece, while Gatorz dealt over a third of the total utility damage. Their next match is Wednesday against Vae Timidis. GGs to the team and we'll be hoping for more of the same later this week!

#WDWin #SpreadTheCleanse