Smoldering on Inferno

Nov 04, 2019

Witch Doctor Gaming's CSGO team played their last match of the ESEA Intermediate season this Sunday evening against Mach 5. The #ShamanSquad lost knife round and started on the Terrorist side. Things got off to a rough start in the pistol round, as the team got rushed at mid, then lost the second round as well to the superior CT weaponry. The WDG squad forced into the third round, and Mach 5 continued cruising. The Deagles came out for the squad in round four, but they were unable to get the bomb down and only found the head of one CT defender. Round five looked like it was going to be the round that WDG got on the board, as the team decisively took the B site, however Mach 5's retake was successful, seeing DaSushiGamer and the opposing AWP play some ring around the rosy before pistols came out and the CTs regained control.

The Shaman Squad finally got a round on the board in round seven on the back of some nifty Deagle work from bepoh to open up the A site. The team strung together another few rounds after that, bringing the score to 6-3 with no more than two opponents surviving any of their round wins. Things flipped back to Mach 5's favor for much of the remainder of the half, seeing the score climb to 10-3 with some unlucky duels not going the way of the Shaman Squad. Luuna managed to steal away round fourteen with a solid 4k, but the CT economy was just too strong by that point, and they were not able to convert the last round of the half with Mach 5 rebuying in, 11-4 to Mach 5 at halftime.

The CT side is favored on Inferno, so this one was far from over. They dropped the pistol round, going 0/2 in this match. The team full saved to buy into round eighteen. Opportunities were presenting themselves, but the shots just weren't finding their mark in what was a frustrating game for the Shaman Squad. The score was 14-4 after duels continued to go the way of Mach 5, leaving a mixed bag of saved rifles and Deagles for WDG to try to prevent a match point with. They failed to do so, but did managed to extend the game on the back of some solid rotations and good communication, if only for one round. The final score was 16-5 and the team's final record in ESEA Intermediate for this season is 8-8. Thanks to anyone who has been watching and supporting the team this season! #SpreadTheCleanse