Two Years: a History and Reflection by nightstar451

Apr 15, 2019

    What better time to make the "News" section of our website public than on the Two-Year Anniversary of Witch Doctor Gaming's Founding. I can't believe it's been this long already, it seems like just yesterday we had barely started in Vainglory. (I know the last sentence was kind of cheesy, but you'll have to forgive me). Now, two years later, we have expanded to include almost a dozen players in the Fighting Games, a fantastic team in Dota 2, and the recent expansion into Hearthstone. Aside from our competitive members, we have over a dozen staff members as well as two dozen Content Creators. 

    I still remember, rather distinctly, being asked by BrutalTurtle to help him and LaLechugaSalvaje (Lettuce) startup an official Esports Orgnaization called Witch Doctor Gaming. A couple days earlier, I had sent him a link to the discord server that I had created for Prodigy Empire, the Vainglory Guild all three of us were in. Since the beginning (and evidently before), I have been responsible for managing the org’s Discord server, something which I rather enjoy doing and fancy myself to be rather good at (if I do say so myself). 

    Although I was initially brought on to help manage the discord, I ultimately became responsible for handling a lot of backend for the organization (something I still do to this day). These responsibilities range from managing the discord (as previously mentioned) to handling applications. As we began our expansion a couple months after launching, we first picked up a Call of Duty team captained by theOGMako, a former member of the management. It was fantastic to expand out of the mobile scene and into larger Esports titles than Vainglory. 

    After our foray into COD, we continued our expansion by getting into the Fighting Game scene and picking up BigDame21. Within a month or two, Dame shouldered responsibility for running our Fighting Game division; this is one of several decisions that I have absolutely zero regrets making. It has been a pleasure working with him and since becoming the General Manager - Fighting Games, he has helped to reshape that group of players, all of whom share our core values.

    Amid all of this expansion, we began brought on our largest streamer, BrokenEyez, to the management team as our Content Lead. Since then, he has used his history as a manager to help steer the organization in a positive direction for the future (all the while keeping me in check). He currently serves as our President where he is responsible for handling the financial side of the organization as well as helping execute our strategy. 

    Along with BrokenEyez came a friend and avid follower of his, Jazzwillboa. A longtime member of the org, Jazz has always had a knack for lurking in our member’s streams as well as promoting our content and community whenever possible. His communal focus has helped him ascend to his current position, Director of Community, where he handles a lot of our community engagement in addition to advocating on behalf of our community during meetings and important decisions. I have enjoyed working with Jazz who always seems to lighten the mood whenever we are on voice together, not to mention posting some great memes.

    H3rsh3yb3ar and I go way back, all the way from our days in the FOLD Podcast Guilds together. A member of Witch Doctor for over a year, H3rsh initially joined as a Graphic Designer but soon rose to be our Creative Director. Once he successfully acquired a Dota 2 roster, he then became our Dota 2 lead, acting as a liaison between the Dota team and the Management. More recently, he has been holding down the fort as our Director of Marketing. This is a position he came into due to his work as our primary graphic designer and his university studies concentrating in Marketing. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and look forward to seeing how he helps Witch Doctor grow into the future.

    I know this reflection has been very focused on members of the management team, but I would like to give a big shoutout to ever single member of the #ShamanSquad; without you, we wouldn’t be here today celebrating the two year anniversary of Witch Doctor. Despite the rocky start of last year, I would say that we have bounced back and I look forward to riding our momentum into the future. #SpreadTheCleanse #WD2YRS