OxiWun - Business Development and Community Manager, Asst. Dota 2 Team Manager
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Magic - Community Manager
I started playing games before I could read. Or at least, that's what I'm told. My foray into competitive gaming started when a friend of mine invited me to join his amateur league of legends team. I found that I was more interested in the observation and moderation of game play, rather than actually playing it. So, began my journey into community management. I learned how to manage players and teams, how to run and manage discord servers, and I was put in charge of running eSports as a whole. About 6 months into doing all of this, I was approached by Witch Doctor Gaming and offered a position with them. However, I chose to take a step back. Even though I'm in school full time, and I'm a full time single mom, I still spend my time watching the community of Witch Doctor, and I'm always around. Even though I am a student, my classes are online, which means I can fully dedicate my time to Witch Doctor and share my love of video games and the communities in which it creates.

SuperDotaPlaya - Content Manager
I am a current college student studying business administration. I love competitive esports type games and you will probably find me playing things like DotA 2 a lot if you check my status on steam or discord. I think this role will be a great first step into the world of management and will aid me in learning and growing with the community of Witch Doctor! If you have questions never hesitate to send me a message (no matter the time of day) I will respond to you whenever I get the chance! Other than video games I am a huge NHL fan (GO CAPS!). I enjoy programming and creating things. I've experimented with game dev, discord bot creation, video creation for youtube, and javascript based app building! I look forward to meeting all of you and bringing some new faces aboard the hype train that is Witch Doctor!

mvpmiguelguts - Recruitment Manager, Vainglory Guild (NA)
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Amethyest - Recruitment Manager, Vainglory Guild (EU)
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TheLegendDaigon - Recruitment Manager, Fighting Games
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Shin - Editorial Team, Recruitment and Writing
I am a University Student, who, like most of my compatriots, grew up on gaming. I was introduced to them through my mother, who was already playing games like Mortal Kombat’s 1-3 at the time, and very quickly bought me Street Fighter 2, when I was old enough to hold the Sega controller. I didn’t become interested in competitive gaming until later, in comparison to a lot of people. At first, it was League of Legends but then I fell in love with fighting games. The adrenaline of a close match, and the community aspect of the fighting game world spoke to me. A world where anyone could go and play on the big stage without having to be sponsored or a specific rank in a game. I loved the feeling of writing and commentating more than anything. Analyzing gameplay, recognizing patterns and speaking about them on stream was as fun as playing myself and so I did that. I took my analytical mind and began to write think pieces on several different games, analyzing the metagame, mind games and the balance of games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota 2, Street Fighter, Tekken and more, and now I look forward to bringing that talent to Witch Doctor Gaming.

Waldo - Editorial and Content Creator
I'm an old CS 1.6 nut, grew up playing games that were forbidden in my own home while at my best friend's house. My interest in esports grew as the CS Source and CSGO competitive scenes did, eventually branching out to other games. I've been writing freelance for close to a year now and look forward to bringing my thoughts and rhetoric to the editorial team. Offline I am a third year medical student, masters water polo player, and a huge Chicago sports fan. I look forward to doing my part! #SpreadTheCleanse

ShinobliGraphic Designer
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Wolf_hands - Advisor, Social Media and Community
I’m Kyle “wolf_hands” Woodson, the former English Community & Social Media Manager at Super Evil Megacorp now advising Witch Doctor Gaming on their social media & social strategy. For my day job I am currently in Atlanta working at the corporate offices of Buffalo Wild Wings trying to get esports into sports bars. I enjoy long walks, fried Oreos, /r/MemeEconomy & sherpa blankets.