Testing Vainglory's New Tutorial

In this episode we test Vainglory's newest Tutorial with a first time player. At age 13 this player is familiar with games like PUBG but mostly plays basic mobile games. While I was very impressed with the new graphical interface we find out pretty quickly that this tutorial lacks the insrtuctions needed for a new player to understand what they are supposed to do at each step. After 30 minutes this new player is left not knowing there even is a jungle. Not knowing what her A ability or B ability do. Not knowing that she can not take turret 2, 3 or 4 until she has taken the preceding turret. She doesn't know that a Turret targets you after attacking a enemy hero. Most commands arrive after the next step has started. It is a good walk through and highlights some of the areas Vainglory can improve if they want to capitalize on new players.